The Task Ninja Goes Free (and Ads-Free)!

Yes, you read it right. The Task Ninja, the smart tasks and customers management tool for teams is now free and ads free!

Why We Decided To Offer The Task Ninja For Free

When we started with The Task Ninja, we wanted to build something that would allow us to manage our tasks and customers easily. We were not happy with any of the tools out there, either the big CRMs or the tasks management tools.

We were a small team, very small. Thus, we didn’t have much resources, but a lot of illusion.

Originally, our intention was to make the tool just for ourselves. However, we soon realized that it could also be a great solution for a lot of other startups and small companies out there. We decided to put The Task Ninja out for everybody else.

However, we had no clear idea on how to offer it. We were not completely comfortable with the idea of selling the product, but we decided to give it a try.

commercial product failure

Turns out, we didn’t manage to create a successful product of The Task Ninja. There were many reasons for that.

The most important one was our lack of experience.

We struggled to convince people of the value of the tool. Additionally, we were completely unaware of finding a good market fit or a solid customer base.

Tension started to grow within the members of the team, and we decided to try and sell The Task Ninja and stop the project for good.


Nevertheless, life takes many a twist and turn. After some time, I ended up being in charge of the project again. The new team decided that we should definitely change our approach to the whole thing. That of course included offering the tool for everyone, for free.

As a result, we have opened the tool for everyone. For free. You won’t see any ads on it either. Additionally, we made some changes to the tool to make it closer to its original idea.

Our intention is making it useful for as many people as possible. Accordingly also to its original vision, we want to bring our tool to as many people as possible. We won’t get rich, but we will be proud of our work, and we will be helping to make the world a better place.

Hope you will enjoy using The Task Ninja. Sign up here.

The Task Ninja team.

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