Starting Up

Hello there! This is the first post of The Task Ninja’s blog. Some time ago, feeling disappointed with the tools we found for managing the tasks and activities of a team, we embarked on an ambitious project, with little resources but lots of illusion.
It’s outstanding the evolution that has taken place in the startup world in less than a decade. We don’t believe that this is an isolated event. The emergence of a new generation with a new work culture and new, disruptive values, the evolution of society as a whole, globalization, mobility, ubiquity and the progressive removal of frontiers thanks to technology… all that summed up has contributed to create a fertile ground for a new philosophy, an new way of looking at the world surrounding us, including our relationship with work.

So what’s left behind? Monolithic companies, where you would spend 40 years of your life, working at a cubicle, erasing any aspiration you had for doing something creative, for being relevant, for making a difference, or just building something that provokes a change in our society, with our work.

Here at The Task Ninja, we believe in a work model based on multidisciplinary, non hierarchical teams, where everyone has their place, and where the passion for your work and the freedom to do it your way constitute the main motivation for sticking to deadlines and giving your best yourself. We believe in a remote work environment where everyone’s opinions are valuable, and considered under equal conditions. We believe in a future where the tools at your disposal allow you to communicate and work with people living a thousand miles away from you.

We believe in remote work, in freelancing, in nomad life, in living your life, your way. We believe in the future.

In this blog, following that philosophy, we want to share our experiences with the community, our evolution, our mistakes and missteps, our successes, what works for us and what doesn’t, in the most humble and honest way possible.


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